Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Great Rock Mine 19/08/2014

A great night out with the caving group tonight at the great rock mine. Access was through a gated adit at river level, which the group holds the keys for. This is by far the most modern mine i have explored yet as it was last operational in the 1960's, the main adit is much wider inside than most, around about the same width as excelsior tunnel. To the left there are several offshoots only leading around 20-30m in. to the right there ar many other workings with with high stopes and ore chutes.

the first offshoot to the right leads to several areas of false floors and at the far end there is a nice stalactite formations where most extend a meter or so and one meets with a stalacmite forming a column. 
And after a nice evening underground what better to do than head down to the local pub for a drink with the guys and discuss our next adventure...

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