Friday, 29 August 2014

Morwellham to Gunnislake 29/08/2014

Today started with a nice walk along the valley bottom between Morwellham Quay and Gunnislake.
We chose this route as on one of my maps the area was marked to contain many shafts and mines, along the valley on the eastern side (Devon side).

On our walk we found three adits, two small adits partially filled and one large and dry-ish one.

the first we came to was quite easy to access and was essentially a walk in, although not a large mine it had two levels, the higher level only accessible by climbing the winze.
Once past the entrance it was relativity dry with the water only just coming over the wellies.

The second adit was extremely wet, and appeared to have a dive line entering it so we decided to go no further today as we would still have a mile or two walk back to the car from there.

The third and final adit we found was partially filled due to the new track being laid right in-front of it, this appeared to go however I did not enter as it was pretty wet and i had no spare clothes with me...
After a successful day of finding some new places to explore in the future we decided to pop to the pub and have some lunch before calling it a day...

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